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How to write post in Median UI

To will learn how to all features of Median UI Blogger Templates while writing a post.

What size of image should be used in Mediun UI for showing best results in the theme?

The size of the image should be uploaded on Mediun UI Blogger is 1280×720 and keep in in original size will uploading in the post or page.

What if I use image of other size?

If you use images of other size it will show half or a little part in the homepage recentl post.

How to use "Table of Contents"?

For using Table of contents in Mediun UI use Major Heading For Making The First Big Category For Making Sub Category Under Major Heading Use Heading and now for Making sub category under Heading use Sub-Heading and Now Finally if You want To Make one More Sub category which will be under Sub-Heading use Minor Heading.

Thats All are the Process to use Table of Contents in Mediun UI.

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